Legal Assistent

LegaBot is legal assistant specialized for Serbian Law. Provides guidance in solving law concerns and links relevant sections of the law in the answer. Currently supports Labor law, Law on personal income tax, Personal data protection act, Consumer protection law and Family law.

Autors: Milutin Studen, Anja Berić

Research Assistent

RE:searcher helps you create mind maps and extract the information from the new document. It enables you to add documents, ask questions about their content and save the notes. This could be particularly useful for reading financial reports, user manual or just studing for exam.

Autors: Tara Pogančev, Vuk Čabrilo, Milan Popđurđev, Laslo Uri

Tourist Guide

Have you ever got lost in the city wandring what is the story behind a building, square or the sculpture? Nova is your personal tourist guide that answers your questions, make trip plans and tells you about the history from photo on your phone. Nova is curently specialized for Novi Sad, with the plans of supporting other cities as well.

Autors: Jovana Jovanović, Jovana Kalamković

Where to Eat?

Tired from reading Google Reviews, Yelp, TripAdvisors, restaurant’s websites? We are. Gde na klopu reads thousands reviews from food related websites and list the places best aligned with your needs. Each recommendation includes raitings, price range, location and sumarized review. Interested in more details? No problem, our agent will provide right information in the matter of seconds.

Autors: Emanuilo Jovanović, Marko Nikić, Milan Lazarević

Movie Recomendation

Searching for the movie longer than watching it? We feel you! TulumbeGPT finds the movies according to your mood, favorite actor, or movie similar to one you like. For each movie, we write it’s IMDB ranking, description, why we chose this movie. Additionally, we provide trailer as well as on what platform you can watch it. Enjoy!

Autors: Hristina Adamović, Selena Milutin

Fix It Yourself

Don’t know what to do when your AC stops working? How about washing machine? LAIK is there to help! Just tell us what is the problem and we will find the solution and guide you until the problem is solved. Forget about complicated user manuels, Laik has already learned them for you.

Autors: Aleksa Škorić, Emil Mijatov, Lazar Radosavljev

Studying Assistant

Don’t understand thermo-dynamics? Macro-economics? Organic chemistry? Don’t worry, Study Buddy is there to help! Just select subject of interest or upload a document, and Study Buddy will prepare personalized learning experience for you. Not sure how well you are prepared? Studdy Buddy will test your knowledge by making quiz and let you know what parts require more attention.

Autors: Luka Vidaković, Dimitrije Stojanović, Momčilo Krunić

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